Olympic Triathlon

Eleonora Campagnoli
van totaal € 500 (50%)

Olympic Triathlon in Amsterdam mastering glucose management is my next challenge to build up for a 70.3 Triathlon! Start small and dream big!

I have diabetes since I am 3 years old. I was told that was going to be really really hard if not impossible to perform sports for lots of hours at high intensity while keeping the glucose under control.
I am a very active person, struggling to stay still and If you tell me not to do something, be sure that I will do it!
I come from Italy, where I was part of a swimming competition team. After graduating, I left my family and friends to follow my career dream in Amsterdam as an IT engineer. Here I started practicing triathlon! During the last 2 years I deep dived into the mechanism of nutrition, sport and diabetes, using scientific articles as a base to try different strategies on myself. Endurance sports are a real challenge!
In my life I was missing the figure of a diabetes life "mentor" , be able to understand all the pieces of the intricated diabetes puzzle, this person wants to be me now!
My dream is To make the difference for fellow diabetes athletes sharing my knowledge, improvements and achievements!

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